Mike Jackson’s Hartland Photos:
Semi-Rearing with Full Wavy Tail Horses

Text & Photographs Copyright Mike Jackson 1998-2013

Semi-Rearing Tail 800 Series Wavy Tail horses were some of my favorites as a kid. For some reason, Hartland created another similar mold with a more simple tail instead of making a completely new pose.
Semi-Rearing Pinto with mane up and full wavy tail:
This is the horse associated with the Warpaint Chief Thunderbird set. The full wavy tail version is the most common with a small percentage having the thinner tail. I don’t recall ever seeing any of them with black hooves and none of mine have them. The light blue decorations are on the right side and red accents are on the left side of the horse.
Semi-Rearing Pinto with mane up and full wavy tail:
This horse is fairly common and used with Cochise, however there is a chance people have mixed it up with the Bill Longley horse over the years. The Cochise set and his horse were introduced long before the slender tailed version.
White Semi-Rearing mane up, wavy tail, black points:
This one is used with Paladin during the earlier years. He also has a slender tailed version and a mane down semi-rearing horse. This horse is sometimes mistaken for the mane up Semi-Rearing Dillon horse if it ages and turns deep yellow. This one is slightly transparent if held to the light, while the real Semi-Rearing Dillon horse is very opaque.
Black Semi-Rearing mane up, wavy tail, & brown bridle:
The semi-rearing horse mold with the wavy tail came before the same version with the slender. This is one of the common mounts for Hoby Gillman.
Semi-Rearig Horse with Wavy Tail, upright Mane and red tack:
I am not aware of any Black semi-rearing horses with mane down. The red tack indicates it is probably a Black Beauty. While it might have been combined with Sgt. Preston, I really doubt it.
White Semi-Rearing with full wavy tail, black bridle and unpainted hooves:
This is the most common version of the Brave Eagle horse which replaced the temporary walking horse mold. This set was introduced in 1957.
White Semi-Rearing with full wavy tail, black bridle and black painted hooves:
The early 1957 brochure shows Brave Eagle on a Semi-Rearing horse with black hooves. This one does look like the factory did it, so I assume there are more of them around but this in the only one I own out of roughly nine Brave Eagle horses. Possibly this was from the first round of the production pieces and they simply eleminated the step. The earlier walking version had painted black hooves, also.
White Semi-Rearing full wavy tail, mane up, and black tack:
Around 1961, Hartland substituted semi-rearing horses for the full rearing horses they had been using for a while, except for Oakley. This Lone Ranger combination has been fairly well documented and it shows up fairly often. The full rearing and walking versions are much easier to find. There is also a slender tailed version of this horse from about the same time period.
Brown with white blaze and stockings painted over brown plastic:
One of the more common horses. He is used with Cheyenne, most Jim Hardys, and some Buffalo Bills. The white stockings and blaze are painted over the chestnut colored plastic.
Brown painted over white plastic:
This variation is less common than the one below. In this case, the horse was molded in white plastic and the chestnut color was painted over the top leaving the blaze and stockings. It may have been used for Cheyenne, but I do think it was more commonly found with Buffalo Bill sets.
If you have, or know of any other full wavy tailed semi-rearing horses, please let me know!